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AT a short distance within Top Kapoussi (Gate of S. Romanus) that pierces the landward walls of the city, and a little to the south of the street leading to that entrance, in the quarter of Tash Mektep, Mustapha Tchaoush, stands a lonely Byzantine chapel which now goes by the name Monastir Mesjedis the Chapel of the Monastery. Its present designation tells us all that is certain in regard to the history of the edifice ; it was originally a chapel attached to a Christian monastery, and after the Turkish conquest became a Moslem place of worshp. Paspatesl is disposed to identify.the building with the chapel of the Theotokos erected in this vicinity., in the thirteenth or fourteenth century, by Phocas Maroules 2 on the site of the ancient church dedicated to the three martyr sisters Menodora, Metrodora, and Nymphodora.3 The chapel built by Maroules in fact belonged to a convent, and owing to its comparatively recent date might well be standing to this day. But the evidence in favour of the proposed identification is slight. In a city crowded with sanctuaries more than one small chapel could be situated near the gate of S, Romanus. An old font, turned upside down and made to serve as a well-head by having its bottom knocked out, lies on a vacant lot on the same side of the street as Monastir Mesjedi, but nearer the gate of
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